> < ^ Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1993 18:35:39 +0200
^ From: Frank Leonard <matleonard@bodkin.ucg.ie >
> ^ Subject: Re: your mail

I have been attempting some constuctions of finite groups in GAP as
defined by a presentation in abstract generators/relators.
The problem consists of applying a certain algorithim to constuct a
group which I then attempt to identify. I also have access to the C.A.
package CAYLEY and have re-written the algorithim for CAYLEY. I have
found CAYLEY to be vastly superior (time wise) to GAP for this problem.
I assume that the fact that GAP programs/functions are interpreted
would be significant in explaining the performance discrepancies but I
am curious if there are any other factors which might be significant.
Can you tell me if there are any plans at present to write a compiler
for GAP?

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