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Dear GAP Forum,

Greg Gamble sent the following reply, which was stuck temporarily in the Forum

According to Kurt Ewald:
> Dear forum
> how can I load a share package like "XGAP" into Gap4.2

Unlike other share packages via the xgap.sh script. You should
read the README in .../gap4r2/pkg/xgap

I assume you've done:

cd .../gap4r2/pkg/xgap

which creates a script xgap.sh in directory


(as well as an xgap executable). You may wish to
edit the script slightly, but it is ready to go.
What you can do is to then create a symbolic link
to the script from some standard location e.g.
suppose the complete path of .../gap4r2/pkg/xgap/bin/xgap.sh


then you can make a symbolic link in /usr/local/bin by:

cd /usr/local/bin
ln -s /usr/local/lib/gap4r2/pkg/xgap/bin/xgap.sh xgap

Then when you type:


it will invoke the script xgap.sh (and thereby the xgap binary
with appropriately set options). You might like to call it xgap4
if you already have xgap 3 lying around ... but I guess you don't.

Greg Gamble

PS If you are not superuser on your machine and need to install xgap
in your own directory, you will need to read the README.

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