> < ^ Date: Mon, 16 Oct 1995 12:56:00 +0100
^ From: Alessandro Logar <logar@univ.trieste.it >
> ^ Subject: a question

Dear Gap Forum,
here is probably a trivial question on GAP, but at least after a
first glance at the manual, I was not able to find an answer.
(I have to add that I am definitely not a gap expert...)
My problem is (or can redeuced to) the following:
I want to define a function, say F(n), such that, for a given n, F(n)
returns the free group generated by x1,...,xn.
The funcion FreeGroup, as far as I can understand, do not allows to
have as an argument, a sequence of element as x1, ..., xn for a
generic n.
I would greately appreciate any suggestion.
Let me ask another question: is there a guide to GAP which is
reasonabely quick to read? The manual is surely extremely complete,
but I have to confess that in front of the 1,200 pages I am a
little scared ...

Thank you for the attention.


Alessandro Logar (Math. Dept., University of Trieste, Italy)

e-mail: logar@univ.trieste.it

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