> < ^ Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1993 21:48:08 +0100
> < ^ From: Arnaldo Mandel <am@ime.usp.br >
> < ^ Subject: Re: new GAP for OS/2 with hypertext documentation

This discussion is getting a bit out of hand. I said some time ago:
>> One of the things I miss on GAP is good online documentation, fur the
>> unix environment implementation. My favorite choice would be an Emacs
>> info document, although I can survive other formats which allow fast

There were some suggestions and some discussion, and then David Sibley
pointed out:
> Yes, to use the ? you need the exact name (except case does not matter,
> and actually you need only a unique initial string from the name -- the
> tab-key name-completion feature will help with this if you bother to
> type the cases right). You can easily get the correct name from a ??
> query. Well, yes, sometimes there are several likely-looking names, so
> I check them all. I find this a lot easier than following several
> likely-looking branches in an info tree.

I don't. But the whole discussion is boiling down to a matter of
personal preferences. Since I live most of the time within emacs, and
maintain it here, it is perhaps natural that I have become addicted to
info. On the other hand, I will retract my complaints about lack of
"good online documentation" (I had no intention of putting down ? and
??), and qualify it instead as a "lack of an online manual of the
kind *I* find convenient".

Now, perhaps I would have kept to myself about info, if it wasn't for
the circunstance that a hypertext version of GAP documentation had been
created, for another plataform. The source code for GAP shows that
emacs was a heavily used tool for development; maybe the developers of
GAP would have something to say on this matter.

Anyway, it is not such a big deal.

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