> < ^ Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 11:28:58 +1100 (EST)
< ^ From: Andrew Mathas <mathas@maths.su.oz.au >
^ Subject: Updated version of Specht

Dear Ms and Mr Gap,
I have just uploaded a new version of my share package Specht to
St. Andrews; a short description appears below. If you are using the
package I strongly recommend that you obtain the new version as it
fixes a number of bugs. It can be obtained from
(or, more generally, this file on your favourite GAP mirror;
search for specht-new.zoo)
and also

Andrew Mathas

CHANGES from 2.3 to 2.4:

Specht 2.4 is closer to a patch than an update of Specht 2.3;
however, it is more convenient to make it a new release. The
changes from version 2.3 to 2.4 are as follows:

1. New functions:
- NormalNodes(e|H, mu)
returns a list of the normal nodes for <mu>.
- MullineuxSymbol(e|H, mu)
returns the Mullineux symbol for <mu>.
- PartitionMullineuxSymbol(e|H, ms)
returns the partition corresponding to the Mullineux symbol <ms>.
- BetaSet(mu)
returns a *set* of beta numbers for <mu>.
- PartitionBetaSet(bs)
returns the partition corresponding to the beta set <bs>.
- ShapeTableau(tab)
returns the shape (i.e. a partition or composition) for the
tableau <tab>
- TypeTableau(tab)
returns the type of the tableau <tab>
Full details can be found in the manual.

2. The manual and its html analogue have been updated (and the HTML

3. Bug fixes:
- SemiStandardTableau(): previously did not always work.
- H.valuation(): the natural valuation for symmetric groups in positive
characteristic is now used.
- H.D(): in 2.3 the multiplicity of Sq(<mu>) in H.D( H.Sq(mu) )
was 2 (rather than 1); this has been fixed.
- the decomposition matrix for S_15 over a field of characteristic
7 is now included (as was previously advertised).
- in init.g SPECHTHOME is set equal to LOADED_PACKAGES.specht making
installation virtually automatic (now called SPECHT.Home).


If these files are unpacked into GAP's top directory nothing more needs
to be done; otherwise follow the instructs in the README file of the

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