> < ^ Date: Mon, 05 Sep 1994 12:30:00 +0100
> < ^ From: Andrew Mathas <mathas@maths.su.oz.au >
> ^ Subject: a suggestion and a question

A suggestion:
Shouldn't gap have a runtime option, -rc say, which turns off
the automatic reading of the .gaprc file? I tend to put initialisation
commands into the .gaprc file which set up the current project I am
interested in; however sometimes I want to use "plain GAP" (not that it is
really a problem to run the .gaprc file in these cases just unnecessary).

A question on using AppendTo:
I have a function which takes an optional argument of a filename and when
this filename is given all output is dumped to this file. The way I have
done this is as follows:

fn := function(arg)
local fnPrint, file, ... ;

if IsString(arg[1]) then
  file := arg[1];
  fnPrint := function(arg)
    local a;
      for a in arg do
        AppendTo(file, a);
    fnPrint := Print;

and, of course, fnPrint is used throughout fn rather than Print. Now this
works however when a filename is given as an argument to this function it
is significantly slower than when the output goes to the screen. Is there
anyway that I can improve this? It seems to me that the problem with how I
have done this is that AppendTo gets called too often. This suggests
creating a string from arg and then giving it to AppendTo; however, this
doesn't work because most of my objects are records (with specialised
printing instructions), which the String function can't handle.

Any suggestions?

Andrew Mathas
specialised print formats

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