< ^ Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2003 11:05:38 +0000
^ From: John McDermott <jjm@dcs.st-and.ac.uk >
^ Subject: Important: Mailing list migration

Dear GAP Forum,

This message is sent as advance notification of a change to the GAP
Forum. You do not need to do anything to facilitate the
change. (Unless you use an automatic filter or spam solution on your
email. See below*)

The software which manages the Forum mailing list is about to be
replaced. The old system (miles) will cease to exist and subscription,
unsubscription and other option changes will be controlled by a
Mailman (http://www.list.org) installation. This will provide a
web-based and password controlled interface to your membership
details. Mailman is easy to use for list members and managers alike
and is widely used, so we hope this change will not cause you any

As soon as the changeover is made (hopefully within 24 hours), our
Mailman installation will send you an email. This will welcome you to
the 'new' list and provide you with instructions on how to access your
membership page and your own password. The new address for the forum will be


Please do not use this address before receiving the welcome

The new arrangement will not require you to take any action; there is
no need to visit your membership page if you are happy for your
subscription to remain. You are not required to use the password you
will be sent if you do not wish to. Forum mails will still reach you
if you take no action.

(*) Mails sent to the list will be tagged in the subject line as [GAP
Forum], followed by the original subject and possibly preceded by one
or more occurrences of 'Re:', 'Fwd:' etc. Those of you using mail
filtering may wish to set your filters to accept such mails now, since
the welcome message mail will not be sent to (or from) the old
forum address, which you may have already set your mail client to
automatically accept. You could instead filter to accept mails sent to
(or cc) the new forum address, as above.

Note that emails sent as replies to Forum messages will by default go
to the sender of the original message, only. Thus, if you wish to
reply to the whole Forum when responding to a Forum message, you must
explicitly add the Forum mailing address to the CC: field of your

Please do not send any request for help or information about this new
system until you have received and read the automated mail mentioned
above. Rather than burden you with too much more detail now, we hope
that the welcome message will explain all you need to know.

John McDermott & Steve Linton.
(For the GAP group.)

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