> < ^ Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1992 18:14:34 +0200
> < ^ From: N. S. Mendelsohn <mendel@ccu.umanitoba.ca >
^ Subject: GAP to Mac

This is a repetition of a previous message since it appears that the
original was not sent. The Mac version of GAP may now be obtained using
ftp ccu.umanitoba.ca in the directory /pub/mac/GAP.sit.hqx The only
changes made were the inclusion of a readme file. When unpacked there will
be included
an empty doc folder. The doc files are text files which may be obtained
many sources. These should be put in the doc folder. The porting to Mac
was carried out by Prof. Harry Lakser. His comments appear in the readme
N. S. Mendelsohn

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