> < ^ Date: Wed, 24 May 1995 15:13:00 -0700
> < ^ From: Bruce Merz <bamerz@okuc02.okanagan.bc.ca >
> < ^ Subject: RE: Upgrade for GAP 3.4 patchlevel 1 (V3R4P1) to patchlectl 2 (V3R4P2)

Just wondering about how much the manual has changed. More specifically,
I'm wondering whether the only change in the manual is the addition of
chapters explaining the 2 new packages, and consequently the index being
different... Or perhaps the page numbering is entirely different, and a
new copy of the entire manual is needed for the new update.

Other than that, thanks for the new update!! It will be much appreciated,
especially the 2 new packages!


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