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> ^ From: Shahriar Mokhtari-Sharghi <shahriar@math.columbia.edu >
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Dear Fourm members,
I am a new member to this fourm. I recently found out about GAP and I am
really amazed by it.
However I have got a problem regarding an error message while I was
working with. Any help is appreciated.
I was trying to compute the automorphism of a graph using the command
AutGroupGraph but I got the following error message which I don't know
what to do with.
caygraph is a graph the I already defined for gap.

gap> AutGroupGraph( caygraph);
dreadnaut: sorry, no executable exists for this machine
Syntax error: ; expected in /tmp/02762caa line 1
drtogap3: sorry, no executable exists for this machine
Error, sorry, the elements of <arg> lie in no common ring domain in
Domain( gens ) called from
Group( GRAPE_dr_sgens, () ) called from
AutGroupGraph( caygraph ) called from
main loop

Sincerely Yours,
Shahriar Mokhtari

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