> < ^ Date: Mon, 15 May 1995 10:58:00 -0300
> ^ From: Barry Monson <barry@math.unb.ca >
> ^ Subject: Normalizer of a subset of a group

Dear Gap users:
I wish to find the normalizer of a subset T of a group G,
where T need not be a subgroup. For example, say

G:= Group(a,b,c,d); # a,b,c,d permutations,say

     T:= [a,d];                 # a subset of the generating set
                                # -- perhaps not quite a legitimate
                                # data structure,
                                # but you get the idea
Note that T is not the subgroup generated by a,d . Nevertheless, I want

N:= Normalizer in G of T

How do I proceed? My apologies if I have missed something obvious
in the documentation. Thanks for your advice.

Barry Monson.

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