> < ^ Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 09:51:53 +0900
< ^ From: Akihiro Munemasa <munemasa@math.kyushu-u.ac.jp >
> ^ Subject: GUAVA

Dear gap-forum,

I tried to send this email to gap-trouble, but it was rejected by the server
for a reason which is not clear to me.

Concerning the recent posting by Steve Linton on gap-forum, I would like to
point out a bug in GUAVA 1.5. A long time ago, a bug in 'MinimumDistance'
was found, but I was not able to fix it immediately because of lack of my
knowledge on GAP4. I have not had a chance to look into it any
further. The other bug I found is in 'IsAffineCode', and for this bug, a fix
was quite easy. I am doing coding theory but other commitments does not
allow me to devote myself to maintaining guava. I would like to know if
anyone has fixed the bug in 'MinimumDistance'. If the bug still remains, and
some people need a fix, then I will try to look into it and try to fix it.

It is probably not appropriate to post the fix for a bug in 'IsAffineCode'
here. I originally tried to send it to gap-trouble, but it bounced back. If
anyone can tell me where to send the bugfix, I will do as directed.

Best Regards, Akihiro Munemasa

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