> < ^ Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 16:24:24 GMT
> < ^ From: John Murray <jcmurray@eircom.net >
> ^ Subject: Memory

Dear All, I'm running GAP3 under Windows 95.
Frequently GAP terminates in the middle of a
memory hungry operation with a message such as:

DPMI: not enough memory (0x01f60000 bytes).

My PC has 32 MB of RAM, and 1f60000 is
31,850,496 in decimal. Is this indeed a problem
with my RAM? I thought that if a programme
exceeds the RAM limit, the CPU is supposed
to "swap" memory in and out of RAM (I have
over 200 MB of free space on my C drive).

By the way, using the -a option with GAP does
not seem to improve matters.

Any help or comments (especially an overview
of how memory is allocated to GAP) would be


John Murray

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