> < ^ Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2001 09:47:41 +0300
< ^ From: Vitaliy I. Mysovskikh <vimys@pdmi.ras.ru >
< ^ Subject: Re: NO BUG + Saving of files

Dear Stas Bulygin, dear GAP-Forum,

Then, I have a question concerning saving my gap commands. I used
LogTo("filename"), but it saves not only commands but results and compiler
comments too (including "gap>"). Of course I can edit the "log" file and
then use Read("filename"), but that seems a little bit tedious.

I am afraid you have not read the Manual yet. It is
easy to find answers to questions like yours there.
In particular, the function LogInputTo("filename")
saves the input lines of your GAP session. It has
been mentioned several times in the correspondence concerned with GAP Forum
that it is strongly recommended to use 'gap-troubles' for such
questions in order not to disturb other subscribers
of the Forum.

Hope this helps,         Vitaliy Mysovskikh
Vitaliy Ivanovich Mysovskikh
Associate Prof, PhD
Department of Mathematics and Mechanics
St. Petersburg State University
Bibliotechnaja Pl. 2, St. Petersburg 198904, RUSSIA

E-mail: vimys@pdmi.ras.ru

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