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> < ^ From: John R. Neil <neil@alamo.mth.pdx.edu >
< ^ Subject: Re: Running GAP on MSDOS systems

In message <m0nHxIy-00002hC@bootes.cus.cam.ac.uk> you write:
>There are two or three different programs EMM386 around. In
>particular the one you get with Windows 3.00 is deficient. You
>should replace it with the one that comes with DOS 5.00a. Better
>still get the Quarterdeck product QEMM386.
> Steve

We were using the one which comes with DOS 5.0. The main problem with
EMM386 (no matter who's you use) is that their behavior, particularly with
many TSR's running (as you need to have when attached to a network), is
extremely unreliable and unpredictable. Problems will work just fine until
they wish to access EMM and then they crash. Or sometimes they work reliably
for the first several calls and then crash. We have found that in many cases
if a program is having any problems that are memory related, get rid of
whatever version of EMM386 you are using and everything will work just fine.
As far as GAP starting to page, I believe that DJGPP has it's own memory
management stuff built in to the 32-bit extender. Thus, EMM386 is totally
unnecessary anyway.

--John Neil

PS. 386MAX causes GAP to immediately lock up upon execution.

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