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Good day Prof. Neubueser

On Mon, 2002-09-30 at 12:05, Joachim Neubueser wrote:
> Dear Dr. Reichard,
> > Well, yes, I ended up writing my own function too. Just seemed a bit
> > arb to have to though...
> Please do understand that GAP is produced by fellow mathematicians
> (doing their own research and teaching) free of charge and with open
> source and that its intention is to provide main mathematical
> algorithms on algebraic structures together with a programming
> language that allows everybody to extend or modify the code for
> his/her special purpose. The GAP team cannot aim at providing all and
> every modification.
> So while we are grateful for any constructive criticism (and of course
> for help in the project) I consider the above critical remark as a bit
> out of place.

As pointed out earlier, I am the one responsible the that remark.
Please don't take it as unkind criticism. The remark stemmed more from
the fact that GAP seemed to me to be, in general, fairly complete for
its intended uses. As such, I thought it more likely that I was unable
to find the relevant documentation, than that the function did not
exist. Clearly I was mistaken.

Additionally, it seems that I used much more informal language than I
can now see, seems to be the norm for this forum. That might also
explain why the meaning came across as something other than I had


> With kind regards   Joachim Neubueser 
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