> < ^ Date: Mon, 27 Nov 1995 19:55:07 +0100
^ From: Stefan Neis <neis@cs.uni-sb.de >
^ Subject: Input to GAP ?

Hi there,

(In fact, the following problem occured while using "KASH", but since
they use the "GAP-engine", I tought, this would be the right adress to

I'm having some trouble finding out, how to read input from a file
into GAP. Say I produced a matrix and wrote it to a file using
"PrintTo". Is there any way to get it back into memory the next day?
"Read" doesn't seem to work, if I don't read files, which look like
the following line:
(i.e. I have to supply a command, not just an object, in the file.)

But with this method, I always have to remember, which variable I was
using, when creating the file...

        Stefan Neis

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