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Dear Colleagues,

The following message, which I received throuh the group-pub-forum, is
probably of interest to several members of the gap-forum.

Joachim Neubueser

> A special year in Geometric Group Theory will be held in Australia during
> 1996, sponsored by the School of Mathematical Sciences, Australian National
> University. The title is intended to be interpreted broadly, and will
> include the various aspects of the interplay between geometry and group
> theory. There will be two major meetings during the year and a number of
> smaller associated meetings.
> Overseas visitors interested in these meetings are encouraged to arrange
> for a more extended visit to Australia in conjunction with the meeting.
> Several universities are cooperating in making arrangements for visitors
> and some financial assistance may be possible. Visitors are encouraged to
> get in touch with one of the committee members listed below and register
> their interest.
> The two major meetings during the year will be a Workshop and a Conference.
> Workshop on Geometric Group Theory
> 22 January to 9 February 1996
> Australian National University,
> Canberra, ACT, Australia
> This will be an instructional workshop, aimed at being accessible to
> graduate students. There will be several series of expository lectures and
> a number of talks on recent research. Lecture series during the first week
> will be quite basic, with those in the second and third weeks progressively
> more specialised. As far as is possible in three weeks, the intention is to
> present a broad overview of and a perspective on current research in
> geometric group theory. Speakers will include both Australian and overseas
> experts. It is expected that the workshop will also be useful to
> mathematicians with an interest in the area who do not work directly in the
> area.
> The expository series of lectures will include the following topics: groups
> in algebraic geometry, computational group theory, geometric group theory,
> combinatorial group theory, R-trees, geometrically hyperbolic groups,
> buildings and Coxeter groups, homology of groups.
> The Workshop will provide significant assistance towards student board and
> accommodation, and hope that the student's home institution will contribute
> to their travel costs.
> Conference on Geometric Group Theory
> 14-19 July 1996
> Australian National University
> Canberra, ACT, Australia
> This will be an international research conference, with invited lectures on
> the various aspects of the interplay between geometry and group theory by
> more than thirty researchers.
> The organising committee for this special year is:
> CF Miller (Melbourne, cfm@maths.mu.oz.au) - chairperson
> MDE Conder (Auckland, conder@mat.aukuni.ac.nz)
> J Cossey (ANU, cossey@pell.anu.edu.au)
> G Havas (Queensland, havas@cs.uq.oz.au)
> GI Lehrer (Sydney, lehrer_g@maths.su.oz.au)
> GJ Martin (ANU and Auckland, gaven.martin@maths.anu.edu.au)
> BH Neumann (ANU, bhn@pell.anu.edu.au)
> WD Neumann (Melbourne, neumann@mundoe.maths.mu.oz.au)
> MF Newman (ANU, newman@pell.anu.edu.au)
> CE Praeger (Western Australia, praeger@maths.uwa.oz.au)
> DE Taylor (Sydney, taylor_d@maths.su.oz.au)
> If you wish to be kept informed about the special year, please let us know
> (by contacting one of the committee members). You can help us by passing
> this message on to anyone else you think will be interested
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