> < ^ Date: Wed, 09 Sep 1992 10:08:15 +0200
> < ^ From: Joachim Neubueser <joachim.neubueser@math.rwth-aachen.de >
> ^ Subject: GAP on Macintosh

Steve Linton has forwarded a question of Ulf Wostner about the
availability of GAP on the Quadra. We have also been asked several
times about the availability on other members of the Macintosh family.
I therefore want to answer in the gap-forum:

We do not have any Macs at Lehrstuhl D in Aachen and we also have no
easy access to such machines. Therefore in view of our restrictions in
manpower we do not plan to engulf ourselves into a portation to these
computers. On the other hand we fully realize that these are
widespread machines, perhaps even more so in the US than in Germany
and we would like to see GAP being available on them. Therefore the
public challenge if there is somebody who is willing to do such a
port. We would certainly be willing to be of any possible help with
this, in particular to provide any information or explanation needed.
In case somebody volunteers, would (s)he please contact us or announce
this plan in the gap-forum, just in order to avoid unnecessary
duplication of work.

I would like to mention in this context that the port to 386/486 PCs
was done by Steve Linton, so also not in Aachen, and I like to express
our thanks to him for this help.

Hoping for (many) volunteers Joachim Neubueser

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