> < ^ Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 19:47:00 +0200
> < ^ From: Joachim Neubueser <joachim.neubueser@math.rwth-aachen.de >
< ^ Subject: Re: GAP and Wheel Systems

Dear colleagues,

Last Monday a message from Greg Cheak

I'm curious if anyone has worked with systems known as covers or
"Wheel Systems". It would seem that GAP is well suited for working
with these systems, however, being new to the program I am not quite
sure how to go about it. It appears that there are several different
ways to "slice and dice" a set in GAP. I'm curious what functions
would be most suited for these types of constructions?

appeared in the GAP-forum. I have waited until today if from some
discussion of it in the forum I could learn silently what a "Wheel
System" is without having to betray my ignorance. However since nobody
reacted and since in our group in Aachen I found nobody either who
could educate me, I dare to infer that the notion is perhaps not so
widely known that I make an absolute fool of myself, admitting that I
do not know it. Could you explain it to me (and perhaps other forum
members as well), Greg?

By the way, what affiliation does 'interramp.com' indicate?

Thanks for some explanation. Joachim Neubueser

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