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In a recent letter to the GAP-forum, I mentioned the Kourovka
Notebook. I got the appended detailed information about it from Dr.
Khukhro who is presenly in Freiburg, Germany, which hereby I want to
make known to all members of the forum.

Happy New Year Joachim Neubueser

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> Subject: Unsolved Problems in Group Theory (Kourovka Notebook) (fwd)
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Now in English!
The 12-th revised and augmented edition
V.D.Mazurov and E.I.Khukhro, Editors
Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk, 1992
154 p. in A5 format, softcover, 20,- DM
This collection of unsolved problems in Group Theory and close areas
is published regularly, every 2-3 years, starting from 1965. Each new
edition is supplemented with new problems and brief comments on the
solved problems from the previous editions.
The problems are proposed by the experts in Group Theory and close
areas, their level varies from a Ph.D. thesis to long-standing
well-known problems.
Among the authors there are many prominent Russian mathematicians, such
as S.I.Adian, S.N.Chernikov, Yu.L.Ershov, Yu.M.Gorchakov, R.I.Grigorchuk,
M.I.Kargapolov, A.I.Kostrikin, A.I.Mal'cev, Yu.I.Merzliakov,
A.Yu.Ol'shanskii, V.P.Platonov, B.I.Plotkin, V.N.Remeslennikov,
L.A.Shemetkov, A.L.Shmel'kin, V.P.Shunkov, A.E.Zalesskii and others.
Having acquired internation popularity, the Kourovka Notebook contains
also problems of R.Baer, G.Baumslag, R.Carter, J.Dixon, R.Griess,
K.Gruenberg, B.Hartley, H.Heineken, G.Glauberman, O.Kegel,
B.Neumann, P.Neumann, R.Phillips, C.Praeger, D.Robinson, K.Roggenkamp,
J.Roseblade, J.Thompson, G.Wall, B.Wehrfritz, J.Wiegold, H.Wielandt,
J.Wilson, H.Zieschang and others.
Some of the problems are quickly solved due to the fact that they are
read by specialists from other fields of Group Theory, others wait for
substantial breakthroughs for many years. (Of course, it is often easier
to pose two problems than to solve one.) It is interesting to follow the
progress in the development of Group Theory, as more and more of these
problems become solved (for example, now about 3/4 of the problems from
the 1-st edition have been solved!).
The present book is the 12-th revised and augmented edition (1992), it
is now published in two versions, in Russian and in English. The English
version is now available for 20,- DM per copy. (This is to cover expenses
and to improve further editions; since there are now difficulties for
Russian mathematicians, this kind of support is vital for the further
existence of the Kourovka Notebook.)
Orders (a check, 20,- DM per copy, may be enclosed)
should be sent to

E.I.Khukhro   (e-mail: khukhro@sun1.ruf.uni-freiburg.de
               fax: (49-761)-203-2354)
    Mathematics Institute of the Freiburg University
    Albertstrasse, 23 b, Freiburg i.Br., D-7800,  FRG
                                                   E.I.Khukhro, V.D.Mazurov

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