> < ^ Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 20:55:01 +0100
> < ^ From: Max Neunhoeffer <max.neunhoeffer@math.rwth-aachen.de >
^ Subject: Announcement of new version of XGAP4

Dear Forum,

This is to announce the first patch for XGAP4.
The new current version is now Version 4, Revision 1, Patch 1 or short V4r11.

The priority of this patch is LOW. The changes (for details see below)
are minor bug fixes and some new features for the investigation of space
groups. This patch is however *necessary* to run the upcoming release
of the Interactive Todd Coxeter (ITC) share package.

The name of the archive is xgap4r11.zoo .
It is available via the standard GAP web page:


or directly:


The file length is 483649 bytes. The md5 checksum of the zoo archive is

56e8a030b4e6dfa9ee4f701dc62e4676  xgap4r11.zoo

Note that because of the reasonable size of the distribution there is
no patch but only a new complete distribution archive.

XGAP4r11 should work on all versions of GAP4r1 and on the development
version of GAP4, but you should have applied all available bugfixes!


1) If you already have XGAP4 installed, you only have to extract the

cd <GAPPATH>/pkg
unzoo -x xgap4r11.zoo

Here <GAPPATH> has to be replaced with the path name of the GAP home
directory (this is the one containing "pkg", "lib" and so on).

This will unpack all files and install the new libraries and documentation.
Note that you have to confirm that unzoo should overwrite all files.

If you want to get all changes in the menu names ("Gap"-->"GAP"), you
have to recompile XGAP:

cd xgap

2) If you do not have XGAP4 installed yet, you only need the new archive!
Just proceed as in the installation instructions available in the
same place as the zoo archive.

Again: You do not need the old distribution!

 Changelog from version V4r10 to V4r11:

* Fix of a small bug in a method installation of the operation `Relabel' for
a text object.
Thanks to Volkmar Felsch for reporting this bug.
This is necessary for the Interactive Todd Coxeter (ITC) share package.

* Added support for Hirsch lengths in "infinity" levels of space groups.

* Corrected handling of "infinity" levels for space groups. They are now
permuted if this is necessary for new inclusions.

* Fix of a bug which produced empty levels with space groups.

* Improved description of the concept of levels in the manual.

* Improved example of a space group via CRYST in the manual.

* Renaming of the first standard menu of graphic sheets from "Gap" to "Sheet".

* Renaming of "Gap" to "GAP" in some menus.

* Fix of some typos in the manual.

 New known bug:

After the release of the last version the following bug or deficiency
was found and has not yet been resolved:

* No graphic sheet can be bigger than 32768 pixels without problems.
This is due to a 16 bit limitation in the X toolkit which is used in the
C part of XGAP. It is rather difficult to resolve and will probably
not be done until the whole C part of XGAP is rewritten using a more
modern widget set, which is not planned for the near future.

Aachen, 1.12.1999                              Max Neunhoeffer
   //  //   Max Neunhöffer <max.neunhoeffer@math.rwth-aachen.de>
  //  //   Alexianergraben 4-6, 52062 Aachen, Germany
 //  //   Tel.: +49 241 406605 (private) / +49 241 804549 (institute)
//  //   May the Source be with you!

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