> < ^ Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1992 15:25:17 +0200
> < ^ From: Werner Nickel <nickel@mathematik.tu-darmstadt.de >
< ^ Subject: Re: gap does not factorize Fermat non-primes

Martin Schoenert wrote:

PS: Now comes the strange part. When I wrote 'IsPrimeInt' I knew about
this problem, that certain polynomial would lead to very weak tests, and
should be avoided. How could I fail to see that x^2 - x + 1 is such a
polynomial? Well this is more than 2 years ago, so my memory is a bit
hazy. Still it leaves me puzzled.

We all have our weak moments. Don't worry too much.

Werner Nickel
Mathematics Research Section
Australian National University

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