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Dear GAP-Forum,

Date: Tue, 23 Nov 99 13:44:28 -0500
From: Kurt Ewald <kurt_ewald@compuserve.com>

>Dear forum,
>some weeks ago there was a discussion about GAP4 in windows 95.
>One of the curiosities was the caret ( ^) which could not be used.
>I told then that in windows NT GAP4 runs without problems, especially with
>the caret.
>But that was a bit too early, look the power with a.

There is a great variety of environments to run GAP on NT;
you can use Cygwin, or not; you can use English keyboard
settings, or some other settings.

One can even run an X-server and run GAP in an xterm
(I guess even X-gap would work...)
Or run gap as a sub-process within NT-Emacs.

Moreover, your system can be an English-language system, or
it can use some other language as the "base" language.

The suggestion was to use the English keyboard settings.
One can install the corresponding NT support for this purpose.
My understanding was that then it runs OK, even on non-English
language installations.
Having English on, start the command prompt window; start
GAP within it.

The machine I have access to is an English-language system, so I cannot
be 100% sure about problems with non-English ones.


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