> < ^ Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2001 22:46:37 +0200
> < ^ From: Dmitrii Pasechnik <d.pasechnik@twi.tudelft.nl >
> < ^ Subject: Re: Manuals at GAP websites

Dear Forum,

Greg Gamble writes:
> I believe that all current versions of web browsers in common use support
> automatic decompression and serving of gzip-ed files, e.g. Netscape, Opera,
> Lynx. I'm pretty sure Internet Explorer on Windows does too ... but could
> someone please confirm that, by navigating the URL for 3).
Well, IE on Win9* cannot do this, or at least it was the last time
I checked.
IE on MacOS cannot do this, certainly.
IE on Win2K and WinNT does this OK, although it could be a problem
sometimes. At least this is not something standard, IMHO it is done
via a WinZip "plugin" or something like this.

IMHO, no gz compression of html manuals is the right option.
(one should not also underestimate the fact that modern modems do
sort of compression on the fly)


Many software projects offer their online html manuals in several
different partitions (big chunks, or small chunks).
Perhaps GAP should do this, too.


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