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> < ^ From: Dmitrii Pasechnik <d.pasechnik@twi.tudelft.nl >
^ Subject: Re: Problems with GAP4 under non-English versions of Windows; and

Dear GAP Forum,

On Fri, 24 Sep 1999, Steve Linton wrote:

>A number of users have reported problems using GAP4 under non-English language
>versions of Windows 95 and 98. The main problem is that the caret (^) key does
>not work, but other similar problems have been reported.
IMHO, this can possibly
be cured by installing English NLS (Native Language Support,
comes with your Windoze distribution) and running GAP when the computer
is in English mode (there is a small indicator on the RHS of the
toolbar that shows which language you're using).

Other alternative might be installing Cygwin and running GAP in a
Cygwin bash window (or even installing X and running GAP in an xterm)

In fact, GAP compiles from the source
and runs seamlessly on an NT 4.0 with the current
Cygwin (version 20.1) installed.
I'd suggest that this is mentioned in INSTALL.WIN file that
comes with documentation.
Exec() and Process() work, as well, contrary to what is said in
INSTALL.WIN. (maybe it is not so on Win9*, I cannot test this myself).
I'd be glad answering further queries reagarding this.

>If it is possible for you, we recommend installing Linux, and running GAP
>under Linux. We develop mainly under Linux and GAP works well there, but we
>recognise that this is not possible for all users. We hear reports of versions
>of Linux ("winlinux") that run "on top" of a Windows installation without
>requiring repartitioning, but I know nothing about these.
an alternative is called VMvare for Windows, see

This is a virtual machine that can be used to run Linux from within NT
(or windows 2000). I didn't try it myself. I saw a similar product from the
same company that does the opposite - running Windows from within Linux.
It had a sizable processor overhead; and also is a memory hungrly - you
needed memory for Linux with X and for Windows at the same time...


Dmitrii Pasechnik

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