> < ^ Date: 31 Mar 2001 01:57:09 +0000
> < ^ From: Dmitrii Pasechnik <d.pasechnik@twi.tudelft.nl >
< ^ Subject: Re: Windows 98 with GAP

Dear GAP-Forum,
> > Is there a substitute for the Dos Window? The copy and paste functions are
> > awful and it has no scroll buffer. The lack of a decent buffer makes it
> > hard to review what you've just completed. I can't look at the log file
> > because Windows won't let me access the file erg.log while GAP is running.
> Yes, there is a substitute for the DOS Window - Dmitrii Pasechnik suggested
> to use the rxvt shell contained in this archive :
> http://ssor.twi.tudelft.nl/~dima/gap/wgap.zip
> (The cygwin1.dll included there seems to be the same as the one distributed
> with one of the last bugfixes, so is probably not necessary).
> He further states :
> "for an unknown reason wingap.bat doesn't like to be in the same directory
> as rxvt.exe, at least on one of computers I tried it."
Let me comment on this. It is so far just an experimental setup;
I encourage trying it and reporting back to me how/if this works.
Basically one has to unzip the archive somewhere:
you get
inflating: wingap.bat
inflating: bin/rxvt-2.7.2.README
inflating: bin/rxvt.exe
inflating: bin/cygwin1.dll

copy rxvt.exe to the directory where gapw95.exe is, and wingap.bat
in the main GAP directory (that is, one layer above bin/gapw95.exe).

Adjust GAPBIN and GAPROOT in the obvious way.

GAPBIN is the full MSDOS path to gapw95 and rxvt;
GAPROOT the full "Cygwin" path to the main GAP directory;
the difference between the latter and the corresponding MSDOS path is
that the beginnig is like //<drive_letter> (or even better,
/cygdrive/<drive_letter>) instead of <drive_letter>:
and the remaining '\' are replaced by '/'.

You could also modify command line options of rvxt
(see www.rxvt.org for the manual of rxvt).
One useful option is
-sl number
Save number lines in the scrollback buffer;

(by default, -sl is 64)

For instance,

%GAPBIN%rxvt.exe -sl 400 -fn %GAPFONT% -e....

will give you 400 lines of the scroll buffer

You'd be also able to cut-paste with your mouse easily
(one could use shift-insert to paste, if the usual keys don't work)

Also, you might have to replace the cygwin1.dll that is installed
with GAP with the file in the archive, too, if the one you have it too old,
and rxvt would crash with a message complaing about cygwin1.dll.
(but make a copy, just in case :-))

> I still need answers to how to shorten the path under Win 98

what does this mean, to shorten the path?


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