> < ^ Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 14:49:19 +0100
> < ^ From: Dmitrii Pasechnik <d.pasechnik@twi.tudelft.nl >
< ^ Subject: Re: Aut(F3+), Aut(HN)

Dear GAP forum,

I have these problems about CharTables of two almost simple sporadic groups:

1. how can I obtain the CharTables of the automorphism groups of
the Fischer group F24' = F3+ and of the Harada-Norton group HN,
Aut(F3+) = F3+:2 and Aut(HN) = HN:2 ?
The former is CharTable("F3+.2"), and the latter CharTable( "HN.2" ).

2. Is it possible to retreive with GAP some of the maximal subgroups of
Aut(F3+) and Aut(HN), their CharTables, and the corresponding FusionMaps
to Aut(F3+) and Aut(HN)?
Apparently for F3+.2 nothing is available, but
you can have a look at CharTable("F3+").fusionsource to see
the list of tables of some maximal subgroups of F3+
(same applies to other CharTable's).

Hope this helps,

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