> < ^ Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1993 11:13:00 +0100
> < ^ From: Dmitrii Pasechnik <d.pasechnik@twi.tudelft.nl >
> ^ Subject: Size(g)

Dear Forum,

To the best of my knowledge, the following by-product
of the use of ^C while computing strong generators for a
permutation group should not occur.

Let G be a permutation group defined by a list of generators,
and let the first function called after the definition of G be Size(G).
I press ^C^D before it finishes, then call Size(G) again. It returns an
answer instantly, since G.size is already defined. Moreover, sometimes
G.size is wrong in this case.
I beleive that G.size should actually be undefined.
At least I don't know of any place in the GAP
manual mentioning such effects.



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