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^ From: Karen E. Petrie <kep@dcs.st-and.ac.uk >
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On the subject of returning values, I have recently realised that if you
wish to return a value from a seperate function, you have to state
explicitly that you wish to return it.

if I have a function called A which has an integer parameter, if I wish to
return the value of A with parameter say 1, within another function B.

function B ()

I know this doesn't answer either of your main questions, but I thought it
might be useful!


On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, Barb Ranson wrote:

GAP Forum-

I still need answers to how to shorten the path under Win 98 and how to fix
up or replace the DOS Window to give me some sort of buffer so that I can
see what I've done.

With respect to my missing output, I found that if I read a file that
contains a function and then calls it, then the return value is not
printed to the screen. However, if the function is read from a file (or
just typed in) and then called from the keyboard, the return value is
printed. Perhaps I missed this in the manual.

Barb Ranson

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