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^ From: Tomaz Pisanski <tomo.pisanski@uni-lj.si >
^ Subject: Bibliography on Graph Algorithms

Just before I managed to register to GAP-Forum the following
question has been forwarded to me.

Is anyone aware of a consolidated bibliography of s/w packages
which have implemented graph algorithms/ combinatorial
algorithms. Any help will be appreciated.

Nishit Kumar
Dept of Computer Science
Univ. of Central Florida

The paper

Algorithms for Drawing Graphs: an Annotated Bibliography
by G. DiBattista, P. Eades, R. Tamassia and I.G. Tollis
used to be available via ftp from


/pub/gdbiblio.tex.Z and

It is possible to get more information by writing to redsoft@cs.brown.edu

The book:
Implementing Discrete Mathematics: Combinatorics and Graph Theory with
Mathematica, by Steven Skiena
describes the package Combinatorica that comes with Mathematica.
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