> < ^ Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 15:04:20 NFT
> < ^ From: Claude Quitte <quitte@knuth.univ-poitiers.fr >
> ^ Subject: Finite Prime Fields

In a G.A.P session, is there a way to obtain a printing of ALL the elements of
Fp (Finite Prime Field of size p) like an integer on the range 0..p-1 ? Of
course, for some variables, I can use the function IntFFE to make the
correspondance. But I want that this type of printing operates for the objects
like list, matrix of elements of a prime field and so on ...


Claude Quitte
Dept de Mathematiques
40 Av du recteur Pineau
E-mail Internet : quitte@knuth.univ-poitiers.fr

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