> < ^ Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 12:13:24 -0600
> ^ From: Barb Ranson <branson@wcta.net >
> ^ Subject: Windows 98 with GAP

To: Gap Forum

I'm a new user of GAP, (but I'm a long time user of Magma on UNIX). So I'm
learning new software and how to make Windows work with it. I'm having a
lot of trouble with file management in GAP under Windows 98.

The -l command to specify alternate root directories doesn't appear to work
under Windows. For commands such as Read , I have to supply the whole path
starting with c:. I've tried every DOS trick I know and I can't get around
this. Is there a way to avoid typing the whole path?

Sorry to sound dumb, but where does my output go when I "read" a file? Can
I print it to the screen? Right now, I'm stuck with keyboard entry
because I don't know how to make files work.

Is there a substitute for the Dos Window? The copy and paste functions are
awful and it has no scroll buffer. The lack of a decent buffer makes it
hard to review what you've just completed. I can't look at the log file
because Windows won't let me access the file erg.log while GAP is running.

Thanks a lot.

Barb Ranson

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