> < ^ Date: Fri, 03 Mar 1995 15:00:00 +0000
> ^ From: Sarah Rees <Sarah.Rees@newcastle.ac.uk >
> ^ Subject: left actions

at the University of Newcastle (UK), we act on the left in all our courses.
That means of course that permutations must act on the left and multiply
as in (1,2)(1,3)=(1,3,2)

At first I was appalled at such a constraint, but am gradually becoming
converted to the idea, and finding textbooks appropriate to it.
I believe that left actions are becoming more and more common.

Of course, this means I cannot use GAP in my undergraduate teaching.

But I believe that it would not be impossible to create a left action within
GAP. Of course I could provide a solution local to Newcastle, but I suspect
I am not the only person who could use this facility. Is there
a market out there for permutations which can act on the left,
and which can be built into left permutation groups, to which
analogues to the current permutation group functions can be applied?
Better still, are there people out there who would provide me with
a left action?


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