> < ^ Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1993 21:20:17 +0200
> ^ From: Norai R. Rocco <norai@mat.unb.br >
> ^ Subject: call a GAP session?

Dear Gap-forum,

A student here has been working with a (fortran) program to find out a kind
of "first vector" in communication theory. One of its variables is to run
certain iterations for a min-max problem, under a (matrix) group action,
say X^T*g*X, g \in G, norm(X)=1. The first idea was to call GAP during
this phase, not by simply storing a list "Elements(G)" and then using the
list (this should take a lot of storage space), but to take advantage of GAP
facilities to run things like an orbit algorithm.

Could anuyone give me some hint concerning this "dynamical" use of GAP ?

Thanks in advance,
Norai Rocco.

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