> < ^ Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1992 23:34:08 +0100
> ^ From: Daniel Ruberman <ruberman@maths.ox.ac.uk >
^ Subject: Re: GAP for Mac

Has anyone had any success in obtaining the port of GAP for the Macintosh
which was announced recently in this forum? It is available by
anonymous ftp from ccu.umanitoba.edu, as the file /pub/mac/GAP.sit.hqx.
I have tried various times to ftp the file; several times the transfer
was so slow that my machine gave up. The two occasions when I could get
the whole file, I was unable to unbinhex it, because of `missing EOF'.
If someone has successfully downloaded GAP from this site (or perhaps
some other site) could you please let me know, so I can figure out what went

Daniel Ruberman

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