> < ^ Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2000 09:20:11 +0200
< ^ From: J.A. Ryan <jar@sdnp.org.mw >
^ Subject: Compiling

Dear GAP

I am new to GAP so please bear with me. I have two questions:

1) I have extracted the four fixes and unzoo-ed them but do not
know how to recompile. I get error messages when I start up GAP
and I presume these are due to the fact that I have not recompiled.
(I notice only bugfixes 1 and 3 need compiling and this can be
done once at the end.) The instructions say

This is done by calling make in the directory in which you
extracted the fixes.

I can find two different files 1) makefile and 2) makegap in the 'cnf'
folder. When I double-clik 1) it tries to open it and asks for a
program and 2) opens in notepad. ??????

Description files 1,2 and 4 do not seem to be included in the
bugfixes. Description3 yes!!!!!!!

2) In trying to customise the starting up of GAP I put a file named
gap.gaprc in the gap folder (and tried several other folders) but
nothing happens????

Looking forward to hearing from you.
J.A. Ryan
Mathematics Department
Mzuzu University
P\Bag 1
Mzuzu 2

Phone:  333417

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