> < ^ Date: Mon, 30 Jan 1995 01:09:00 -0600
> < ^ From: Wade Satterfield <satterfieldj@alpha.hendrix.edu >
> ^ Subject: Subgroup listings...

This may be an elementary question, but I am simply trying to get a listing of
all of the subgroups of a given group, say, D4. I feel like I am missing an
easy way to list all of the subgroups, but the following is the only way I've
found so far:

1) Define the group: d4:=Group((1,2,3,4));
2) Create a subgroup lattice for that group: latd4:=Lattice(d4);
3) Change the PrintLevel to display a representative subgroup for each
conjugacy class, as well as the conjugates of those representatives:
4) Print the classes: latd4.classes;

I feel like there must be an easier way than this. Any help is appreciated.


Wade Satterfield

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