> < ^ Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1993 18:32:44 +0200
^ From: Chad Scherrer <scherrc@rosevc.rose-hulman.edu >
> ^ Subject: Finding subgroups in GAP

Is there a way in GAP to find all the subgroups of a given group, and if so,
what about finding all normal subgroups of a given group? I realize these
aren't of too great concern in doing most research, but I'm originally a Cayley
user, and am in the habit of looping tests over the set of subgroups or the set
of normal subgroups of a group. I'm currently in the process of switching over
to using GAP, and have found equivalent commands for most of the things I could
do in Cayley, but have had trouble finding any mention in the GAP documentation
of how to find subgroups. Is there a way to do this in GAP?


Chad Scherrer

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