> < ^ Date: Wed, 09 Dec 1992 10:03:38 +0100
> < ^ From: Martin Schoenert <martin.schoenert@math.rwth-aachen.de >
< ^ Subject: Re: Porting to AIX

Duane Broline writes:

With a good deal of healp from some of the experts here,
I have been able to port GAP to an IBM RISC/6000 machine running
AIX. Since AIX was not one of the options specified in the makefile
some modifications to the code had to be made.
They were very simple.
Comment out the lines which defined ulong and ushort
as unsigned long and unsigned short types. AIX already uses
ulong and ushort to indicate these types. (At least it runs
and has done everything I have asked it.

Yes that should be about everything that needs to be done to get GAP
running under AIX. The same set of changes are in the first update.
(BTW, AIX's usage of 'ushort' and 'ulong' is not allowed according to


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