> < ^ Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1992 18:14:23 +0100
> < ^ From: Martin Schoenert <martin.schoenert@math.rwth-aachen.de >
> ^ Subject: Upgrade for GAP 3.1 patchlevel 2 (V3R1P2) to patchlevel 3 (V3R1P3)

This file contains the 'uuencode'-d 'compress'-ed upgrade file for the
third upgrade for GAP 3.1. This upgrade brings version 3 release 1
patchlevel 2 (V3R1P2) to version 3 release 1 patchlevel 3 (V3R1P3). The
priority of this upgrade is medium.

To apply this upgrade you must first apply the first and the second
upgrade. You can obtain these upgarde via anonymous 'ftp' from
'samson.rwth-aachen.de'. If you have already applied those upgrades you
need not (actually must not) apply it again.

Save this mail as a file with name 'upg3r1p3.uue', unpack the upgrade
file with 'uudecode upg3r1p3.uue' (or 'uud upg3r1p3.uue') and 'uncompress
upg3r1p3.dif.Z'. Then read the beginning of the unpacked upgrade file
'upg3r1p3.dif', which contains instructions how to apply this upgrade.

[removed the upgrade, it is available as 'upg3r1p3.dif.Z' from the 'ftp'
server 'samson.math.rwth-aachen.de']

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