> < ^ Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1993 19:04:06 +0100
< ^ From: Lee Schumacher <schumach@math.wisc.edu >
> < ^ Subject: Re: new GAP for OS/2 with hypertext documentation

One of the things I miss on GAP is good online documentation, fur the
unix environment implementation. My favorite choice would be an Emacs
info document, although I can survive other formats which allow fast
online search (thus, havin the manual online as a .dvi or .ps file
will not cut it). Is there any hope that such a thing will ever
appear? Maybe this IPF hypertext can be ported.

Eh? I find the GAP online documentation to be excellent. It's much
faster and more efficient than anything I ever experienced with EMACS
info files, where you have to know where an item is in the heirarchy.

But maybe we are talking about different things. I'm referring to the
"?<word>" and "??<word>" runtime help facilities. You can even read the
manual page by page using "?>". These are extremely powerful utilities.
I find them much better than EMACS info files. Perhaps you have not
investigated thoroughly what can be done with these.

The ? and ?? are quite useful, its true, but hardly a substitute for a
real structured info tree. The problem with the GAP facilities is
that you need to know the NAME of the function or concept before you
can find it. Of course the topic of discourse in GAP is sufficiently
narrow that this is not a problem in general. However I did read the
manual off line first and now ? is useful more as a memory jogger.
Note that emacs info files are intended more for learing new concepts
and groups of commands or functions. If you just want to find a
command and you have a pretty good idea what the name is then you
use apropos, which provides all of the functionality of ? and ??.


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