> < ^ Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1993 09:14:31 +0100
> < ^ From: David Sibley <sibley@math.psu.edu >
> ^ Subject: Character Tables

I have been computing some character tables using CharTablePGroup. Is
the order of the conjugacy classes in <G>.conjugacyClasses the same as
the order of columns in the table? The manual implies this, but does
not say it directly. If not, how do I know which class in the group
goes with which column in the table?

Is there some way to get the (very nice) output of DisplayCharTable
directed to a file? I've been using cut & paste to save them, but there
must be a better way. (I realize there is a problem with what width to

What does the message

#I TransformingPermutations: no bijection of row families

mean? (This might not be exactly right. It's from memory.) I don't
see it very often, though I've been using TransformingPermutations quite
a bit, so I assume it's something unusual.

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