> < ^ Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1993 12:54:09 -0700
> ^ From: Kenneth H. Simpson <ken@poincare.arc.nasa.gov >
^ Subject: trivial bug

Hello gap form members,

There appears to be a trivial bug in


Line number 2091 in word.c reads

return Error("usage: MakeConsequences( [ ... ] )");

but it should read

return Error("usage: MakeConsequences( [ ... ] )",0L,0L);

Also, I've ported gap to i486 running UNIX System V Release 4.04 by ESIX if
that's of any interest to anyone. (In essence, it requires explicit typedef'ing
of the second argument to signal() and the handling of complaints about kill()
and signal() being re-defined (since SIGTSTP is a valid signal) when compiled
with gcc 2.5.2.)

Kenneth Simpson                                 NASA
Internet: ken@poincare.arc.nasa.gov             Ames Research Center, MS/269-1
UUCP: ames!poincare!ken                         Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000
AT&T: 1-415-604-3593                            USA, Earth
#include <stdio.h>
#define O (b=b?b-1:(p++,5),*p&1<<b)
#define o O?O
char*p,j=2,b,c;e(n){for(p="|'8I0>+@{=#_P0-]PV.]F>TM!YK'?? |T\"Z8}aE<&D-!:-T'\"\
O<~cG5$,<2'#;/UI.0{d^HV6817-2F95-T7X|c^/1XB]*)3WHG0/0}dN>G RMZB.12.P] ~hM^J\\[\
<R^ (7;)R9A78{gU!:N)E5OPUR><29A6|e&9V;E[Q:,S1.P] }eES.$Z):B.*O+$G_ ~fWU8)75?I#\
75?WHN0{jE=]<V*1]JI#5VK)R9A6~J5X9X#69/+VX4 =S%!X-[)OE #1XRZ\"?~%^-#Dz&M\\RST|%\
G66*~&^HV0> {%^-8_P}%N>FO(}'M^JQ=z&U!:O(J{%&9G4|%ERO(~(WU8)G4{'E=]^G4",b=n;*p++

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