> < ^ Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 22:56:00 -0600
> ^ From: Ken W. Smith <Ken.W.Smith@cmich.edu >
> ^ Subject: Twogps library (Macintosh)

Dear Gap Forum,
I am running Gap 3.2.2 on my Power Mac 8100/80. I do not appear to
have a table of two-groups and so cannot use the command AllTwoGroups().
(I am working through an article on Gap appearing in the Notices of
the American Math Society, September 1994, 41:7, pp. 780-782. In that
article it suggests finding all non-abelian groups of order 8 with the
When I type in that command I get the response
"Error, the 2-group library file 'twogp' must exist and be readable in
ReadTwo( "twogp" ) called from main loop")

Please help!

Ken W. Smith

Ken W. Smith, Mathematics
Central Michigan University
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859
Work: 517-774-3639,  Home: 517-772-5042,
FAX: 517-774-7106, EMAIL: ken.smith@cmich.edu

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