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> < ^ From: Smith@wintermute.anu.edu.au <Michael >
^ Subject: GAP on Mac alternative

There is another option for running GAP on the Mac.

MacMiNT is a unix-like environment ported from MiNT, an operating system
for Atari computers. It provides many of the features of a unix system. A
MacMiNT WWW home page is at:


With some difficulty I eventually managed to compile the unix GAP
distribution under MacMiNT. I can supply instructions for modifying the
source code if anyone is interested.

An advantage of this is that as long as the various packages can be
compiled, they can then be used as they would be from a GAP unix session,
assuming enough memory is available.

The Mac would probably need, at minimum, 12MB of RAM to make this
worthwhile. I currently run MacMiNT using 9.5MB of RAM and can then run GAP
with a 7MB workspace.

I wouldn't suggest attempting to install GAP under MacMiNT without some
experience installing packages under unix (or access to someone who has).
Anyone interested in pursuing this option is welcome to contact me directly
for help.


Michael.Smith@maths.anu.edu.au - Mathematics - Australian National University

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