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Dear GAP Forum,

Some time ago there were a number of messages posted to the forum
concerning GAPstone measurements for various machines. Having just upgraded
my home machine, I thought I'd measure GAP's performance on it and some
other machines around the Mathematics Department at the ANU. In case anyone
else is interested in such measurements, here is a brief summary:

(all runs performed with 2MB of workspace: ie "gap -m 2m")

                                      L2     Bus   total
Machine                CPU/speed     cache  speed    RAM    OS     GAPstones
---------------        ---------     -----  -----  -----  -------  ---------
SparcStation 5         Sparc5/110      ?      ?     32MB  Solaris    63752
SparcStation 10/41     SuperSparc/50   ?      ?    256MB  Solaris    71065
Dell Pentium Notebook  Pentium/150    512K   66     48MB  Linux     112540
Power Center 150       PPC604/150     512K   50     32MB  MacOS     131653*

(I was surprised that the difference between the Pentium/150 and the
PPC604/150 was not higher, since the PPC604/150 should be closer to the
performance of a Pentium/200 --- the (relatively) slow bus speed of the
Power Center is having an impact here I guess.)

It's interesting to compare these with the figures quoted in a January 1993
posting by Martin. The highest score at that time was 63578 GAPstones
attained by a HP 730...


Michael.Smith@maths.anu.edu.au          DSTO & Australian National University

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