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> ^ Subject: Re: gap-process mode (fwd)

Dear GAP-forum,

Jeremy Rickard wrote:

> I've been trying to use Michael Smith's "gap-process" mode
> to run GAP4 under Emacs.
> thing happens with GAP3, so it doesn't seem to be a problem
> specifically with GAP4.

Long ago, I wrote this ("wrote" is actually quite an exaggeration ---
it was actually just a quick hack) for Emacs 18, so the problem isn't
with the GAP version, rather the too modern Emacs program. Emacs 18 has
long since disappeared, and I don't expect the gap-process mode to work
with Emacs 19/20 without some (possibly many) modifications to the lisp

I'm afraid I don't have time to look over it now, sorry, but if I do fix
it I'll certainly inform the forum.

( For the elisp-enabled: The problem is, I suspect, either: (1) that
"comint-mode" no longer works properly due to a change in the way
processes are handled under more modern emacsen; or (2) a change in
the routines for doing completion. )


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