> < ^ Date: Thu, 04 Aug 1994 16:08:00 BST
> < ^ From: Leonard Soicher <l.h.soicher@qmul.ac.uk >
> < ^ Subject: Re: Re: Re: the StabChain function

'StabChain' looks at 'G.stabChainOptions', but doesn't modify this record.

This was not so according to my experiments, but perhaps I was
doing something illegal.

But since it is one of the records, which are explicitly made public, and
may be changed by the user, it is probably best to unbind that too.

I think I will just make a proper copy of the group. I don't really
like tinkering with record fields of GAP objects anyway.

Is it possible in future patches/releases of GAP that if
StabChain(G,rec(limit:=mylimit)) is called then the function tries a
random method for a while, and then if mylimit is not achieved,
switches to a deterministic method ?

Best regards, Leonard.

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