> < ^ Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 20:59:24 +0300
^ From: Soroko@fpm.bsu.unibel.by < >
> ^ Subject: A problem with "FreeMagmaRing"

Dear GAP Forum,

I was trying to execute example from the Reference Manual to GAP 4.2
concerning group rings on page 567. For the field GF(3) all is OK, but
when I changed to GF(2) an error occured:

gap> d8:=DihedralGroup(8);
<pc group of size 8 with 3 generators>
gap> rm:=FreeMagmaRing(GF(2),d8);
<algebra-with-one over GF(2), with 3 generators>
gap> emb:=Embedding(d8,rm);
<mapping: Group( [ f1, f2, f3 ] ) -> AlgebraWithOne( GF(2), ... ) >
gap> gens:=List(GeneratorsOfGroup(d8),x->x^emb);
[ (Z(2)^0)*f1, (Z(2)^0)*f2, (Z(2)^0)*f3 ]
gap> x1:=gens[1]+gens[2];;
gap> x2:=(gens[1]-gens[2])*gens[3];;
gap> x3:=gens[1]*gens[2]*(One(rm)-gens[3]);;
gap> g1:=x1-x2+x3;;
gap> g2:=x1+x2;;
gap> q8:=Group(g1,g2);;
Error usage: Group(<gen>,...), Group(<gens>), Group(<gens>,<id>) at
Error( "usage: Group(<gen>,...), Group(<gens>), Group(<gens>,<id>)" );
<function>( <arguments> ) called from read-eval-loop
Entering break read-eval-print loop, you can 'quit;' to quit to outer loop,
or you can return to continue

The platform I'm working at is Windows 95, 98 (tested on both).
What can be done to remedy the situation?

Sincerely yours,

Ignat Soroko
e-mail: soroko@fpm.bsu.unibel.by

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